Body of Light Yoga WorkshopPadangusthasana on a rock

with Jacqui

Sunday 30 November 2008 10am-1pm


Bodywise,119 Roman Road London E2 0QN

Please book: tel 020 8981 6938

Another year has almost passed. Thank you to all who have attended my classes and workshops that keep me inspired and learning! I truly hope that at least some of what we've shared has become integrated into your own practice, and life.

I hope to see you at my last workshop of this year. The focus will be on gathering energy into our centre, and releaseing it with a very powerful gentleness and open heart. We'll look at how to take care of our backs, hips, knees and necks through the winter months, how to relax, breathe and find stillness with movement.

Suitable for everybody with a heart, and a sense of fun

Love Jacqui

Bodywise Workshop notes 30th November 2008

With a rein did I hold back the steed of my thought.

By ardent practice did I bring together the vital airs of my ten nadis.

Therefore did the digit of the moon melt and descend unto me,

And a void became merged within the Void ...Lala

Sitting   little meditaion on your strengths/weaknesses

Focus   Periphral vision (imagine kneeling behind at the bottom of your mat). Placing a hand on shoulder, ribs, lumbar sacrum on inhale – exhale expand. Square breathing

Sacrum   fetal rolls feeling the shape of sacrum and muscles used to follow contour

Pairwork    back to back sacrum connection awareness. Chakra root tones. Me vocal others optional


Lion – Hastha bandha Mula bandha – breathing into Hara drawing in energy (Prana)

Dona’s micro movements in pelvis

Lion Kneeling Vajrasana squat a with arm variations Prasarita wide squat Prasarita Padottanasana


Vinyasa 1: Virabhadrasana 1   Ekapada Rajakapotasana   Adhomukha Svanasana Urdhvamukha Svanasana

Vinyasa 2: Urdhva Hasthasana   Parivrta Trikonasana Urdhva Hasthasana Trikonasana Parsvottanasana

Back to Lion position re-gathering energy and focus into Hara

Mayurasana   (gathering)   Kneeling Prasarita (opening but maintaining Hara energy) Rajakapotasana

Vamadavasana into Parivrtta   Janu Sirsasana


Sitting and reflecting

Love Jacqui x