Intermediate Workshop 4th October 2009 Notes

For those with an established practice and would like to refine, and develop confidence through deeper understanding of the Energy Body.

Let’s start by looking at a simple drawing of how energy moves through the body. This energy is collected and transported by the mind. Though the mind is still a mystery, Prana Energy no longer is. Prana is now recognised, and can even be measured scientifically. Science even claims it as a new discovery, ha ha! Hopefully the Yogis who have spoken and written about it as far as  documents date back will probably be delighted that we are beginning to wake up from our ignorance.  

Sitting 20min

Create an inner space of stillness and clarity, in preparation for the quiet journey towards Pranayama, breath awareness. Simplt sitting and watching inwardly without ‘doing’ anything creates the foundation in which we are able to watch the movement of Asana from the stability of our mind, thus giving freedom for the energy body to lead us. It is as simple as that, there is no need to judge or compete with our self expectation. However we respond to the moment of practice we are with, is in itself a learning curve, that will flourish and strengthen not only our understanding of what we are doing, but also develop confidence, balance and deeper insight into human nature. Gaining such insight,  and more understanding from our own experience (with a careful eye kept on taming any Ego!)  gives comfort and lightness of heart, free movement  will then nourish the total involvement in which we enjoy practice to its full. With this preparation neither doubt nor struggle from the Energy Body will arise. I believe these moments of integration can be as near or far as we are prepared to allow.   Confidence in Prana energy empowers confidence within.  The intimacy of our own breath is strength to Prana Energy and it will respond by joining the party. So feel free to express moments of blissful sigh, inner laughing, or groans and moans of whatever arises. Positive and negative responses have equal value in learning; non judgement is the best way to live.


Mula Bandha Breathing

Kapalabhati & Nadi Shodhana

Eye exercises with breath

Kriya Stretch and supta twist


Rajakapotasana & Janu Sirsasana

 Utkatasana,  Chaturanga Dandasana,  Adhomukka Svanasana,  Ekapada Rajakapotasana,  Janu Sirsasana,  Baddha Konasana,  Supta Konasana,  Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana,  Parivrtta Ardhabaddha,  Paschimotanasana,  Adhomukha Paschimottanasana,  Utkatasana

 Rope work in pairs: Adho & Urdhvamukkha


Adhomukha Vrksasana

Sirsasana and  Variation in pairs using wall where needed and pole

Back Bend Balance in pairs or 3’s





When the sun disappeared, then comes the moonlight;

When the moon disappeared then only mind remained;

When (absorbed in the Infinite) mind disappeared, then naught anywhere was left;

Earth, ether, and sky all took their departure.

Lala -Vakyani or the wise sayings of Lal-Ded a mystic poetess of ancient Kashmir