Intermediate Workshop Hackney Forge 20th April 2008

Sitting Meditation

Staying in the state of concentration, asking the mind over and again to be attentive, questioning and absorbed in your experience. Watch what happens when the mind stays focussed, the effect on your body and your breath - without the ego-self interfering. When it does interfere smile lovingly and return with a clear slate! Simply watch your own mind/body habits and patterns. Where the mind goes if often habit. Being aware of this can break the habit and then you can experience a deep satisfaction, a huge reward for nothing at all. You’ve discovered something hugely fulfilling that has no need of connection with the material world.

Observe your responses - comfortably, uncomfortable, mental and your body’s reactions equally (without seeking, trying of wanting). Allow your experience to give you more of an understanding, nothing more, let that be your pleasure,

Demonstrating x 2 = 1x each with and without words.

Suryanamaska - self practice absorbing and focussing on concentration

Matsya Mudra - at the level of the navel. The position resembles a fish. It helps overcome obstacles in reaching your goals and fulfilling your ambitions. (Ensures strong mental co-operation towards)

Supta Virasana

Matsyasana with and without brick blocks.


Janusirsasana 2

Janusirsasana 3

Salambasana preparing for Ganda Bherundasana (ganda=cheek; bherunda=terrible, formidable)