Knees, Hips, Feet workshop 16 March 2008 notes

Connecting the foot to the hip will in time and through correct practice bypass weight bearing onto the knee joint, bring more freedom of movement into the hip and give greater rebound upwards energy and lightness throughout the entire body. There is no quick fix, but there is yoga practice, which is not only rewarding and enjoyable on many levels, but I know from personal experience can strengthen and heal our knees once our hips are moving well and our feet become very much a part of the overall movement of the body!

Feet act like a pointer showing the rotation of the shin and lower leg. Kneecaps show the rotation of the femur.

Feet are our foundations

"The feet reflect the body and all its interal organs. Through our feet we can be in touch with both our physical and metaphysical being" (Debbie Shapiro)

Do not push the knee back! Knees are represented by the ego. Resistance to change, stubbornness to yield, too much privde are all a burden to suffering knees.

"The pelvis represents relationship" (Debbie Shapiro)

The pelvis is the centre of movement within us. Fear and conflict with loved ones and family and our own security can effect free movement of the hips.

Diagram of knee

A bent knee must work as a hinge does with no sideways movement. If it points inwards as is often the case until our hips become more flexible, the upper and lower leg don't meet evenly but are bent to the side at the joint which widens the gap between the bones at the inner knee straining ligaments there. The outer knee is then compressed and as a result the knee joint surface is abraded causing common knee ailments often referred to as Chondromalacia Patellae, and contributes to arthritis.


Partner assessment, alignment, flexibility of hips.

Knee health sequence:

Awakening the feet, self massage

Help the Hip and knee postures

Be specially aware postures


Foods that support the kidney Yang are strengthening for the lower limbs. Whole foods that warm and enkindle the spirit:

And mainly a healthy attitude and love towards yourself!

Love Jacqui X