Jacqui doingUrdhva Mukha Svanasana in the park

Body of Light Summer Workshop

with Jacqui

Sunday 1 July 2007 10am - 1pm

At Bodywise, 119 Roman Road, E2 0QN. To book telephone 020 8981 6938 or e-mail info@bodywisehealth.org

Bodies are fascinating and wonderful. The physical body speaks to us all the time, we just have to listen with our every cell. Then we have subtle body, which speaks to us even more clearly once we’re able to listen, and it teaches the physical body how to move with freedom and grace. Inner listening, and inner watching are the basics for an interesting, joyous and healing practice.

This workshop will cover a balance of Asana, Breathing and Relaxation….. Bringing the Physical and Subtle Body together. It will be light and fun, and I hope you will feel free to share experiences and questions that arise.

Suitable for most levels. If you a total beginner please call me on 0207 7305550.

Please book in advance!