PadmasanaI became involved in yoga in Spain in 1988. Between 1996 and 1999 I trained in Iyengar yoga and taught in Namibia, Southern Africa. Since then I have been teaching in London. In 2007 I moved half my life to Suffolk to be close to my son Tom who is studying at Summerhill Free school, and to be closer to nature. In 2004 I completed a four-year Aurolab teacher training with Sama Fabian. This integrative yoga incorporates all aspects of classical yoga and brings the spiritual into our practice. We focus on individual Asana, Vinyasa, structural alignment, refining mental and emotional patterns, relaxation and meditation. I also have nine years experience in teaching yoga for children

I am inspired greatly by Dona Holleman, Johanna Van der Schaft, Angelika Grohmann. As my final project with Aurolab I presented a study of the knee and common ailments that so many of us suffer from. I run regular workshops in London with focus on the protection and health of our knees in practice. This subject is of particular interest to me having cured my own knees.

As part of Yoga I am involved in diet, nutrition and alternative health resources, especially those indigenous to semi-arid regions of Africa and Asia.

Emerging from my 27 years of practicing and studying the art of yoga asana, pranayama and the meditative state, is how natural it is to be present, humble, content and fulfilled by simplicity. Once we connect, zoom out and free fall into the bigger picture of life as a part of the universal energy that is, much strife and 'need for more' wanes.

I owe many thanks to my teachers and friends. Angelika who has shared her depth of knowledge and supported me all the way. Sama Fabian who founded and directed Aurolab 2000 Yoga Project. Dona Holleman who continues to teach and inspire in many ways of wisdom. Maitreyavera who insisted on perfect alignment and the stillness of Iyengar Yoga. My friends. Oh and my son Tom, the best teacher of all!

I thank immensely all my friends and students of Yoga who attend my classes to practice. Each class I learn more and sincerely hope that you do too.

The wonderful children who I share Yoga with teach me so much. As adults it’s hard to live without preconceptions of how things should or could be. Children embrace every moment and their reactions reflect the energy around them. What they absorb is everything and their questions are pure. Thank you children!