Backbend Workshop

Handstand and backbend

with Jacqui

Sunday 22 April 2007 10am - 1pm

At Bodywise, 119 Roman Road, E2 0QN. To book telephone 020 8981 6938 or e-mail

Where inner space is created, confidence and energy meet and fill the space with freedom of movement and attitude that together generate pure energy (Prana). Our spine is then relaxed, happy and playful. When these principles, and a basic knowledge of the anatomy of postures (Asana) are in place the work is done. The rest is simply a matter of expressing what is already there and waiting to be released!

For Yoga practitioners with a good foundation and practice of the postures. The workshop will be gentle and require full attention and quiet focus.

Please contact me beforehand if you wish to discuss

Looking forward to seeing you Love Jacqui