Body of Light Workshops

Poppy Field

Workshops with Jacqui

Sunday 30th of May

10-1pm (£24 / £18) and 2-4pm (£16/ £12)

£34 / £25 for both workshops

For those of you who are in London over the Bank Holiday and would like to join me in a Complete Morning Practice starting with Suryanamaska (Sun Salutation) with Driste (eye focus). Followed by a combination of sitting, twisting, balancing and prone back bendings. By then we will be prepared for a delicious Pranayama practice, and integration Meditation.
After an hours break and light snack for those of you who wish to bring something we will move into an evening practice of Sirsasana (head balance) and Sarvangasana (shoulder balance) looking at and supporting each other towards the full sequence of variations. 
You are welcome to join one of both of the sessions. Sorry it is such late notice but spring has already moved into summer so quickly I can hardly keep up with time! Time to slow down and relax and I really hope you will join me. For sure it will ground, energise, balance and make the rest of the Bank holiday weekend feel much longer

Love Jacqui X