Body of Light Practice Workshop

19th November 2006

A complete practice means firstly listening to our personal needs. This is Yoga. We spend months, often years learning postures in classes along side others, gathering inspiration, knowledge, generating and sharing each others energy. This is also Yoga. Yoga is not something we do but something we are, or become through practice. So, in many ways it doesn’t matter what we practice as long as we give ourselves a period of time each day to sink into a state where the mind devotes to the body, breath and Pranic energy that surrounds and runs through us all the time often unknowingly. By becoming aware and giving it full attention without distraction is Yoga. Asana is the first helpful stage in this process because it frees up, aligns and strengthens the physical body, leaving it dependable and receptive to healthy Prana/chi flow. Body alignment avoids stress or strain to muscles, joints and the deeper layers that hold us together and allow us to function efficiently.

By cultivating a practice of balance between the different ‘types’ of Asana or postures we maintain our bodies to the best of our ability. The range of Asana types are: Standing, Inversions, Balancing, Sitting, Forward Bending, Twisting, Prone (lying on your belly), Back Bending, Supine (Lying on your back)

Practicing them in balance brings understanding of the more subtle and powerful aspects of Yoga:

Pranayama, concentration, Meditation and total absorption. (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) Then comes the Bliss, Peace and Contentment! We may experience it only for fleeting moments, but that moment is ever more powerful. We cannot find it by chasing or grasping. Yoga is the natural way of being, and not to be mistaken for something we do to get us somewhere or give us a pre-determined result. I say this as an invitation to investigate each breath, each movement and sensation you experience without jumping to any preconceptions or goals. Simply let go of attentions that are other than the very breath you are taking at the moment.

The mind becomes quiet when it cultivates friendliness in the presence of happiness, active compassion in the presence of unhappiness, joy in the presence of virtue, and indifference toward error

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Sutra 1.33

To begin with...

Towards the end…..

Forward Bends - Purvottasana (East Stretch), Setu Band asana (Bridge) - with a transitional simple gentle twist or 2 in-between.

Back Bends - Paschimottansana (West Strech), Uttanasana (Forward Stretch) - with a transitional Supta Padangusthasana (Lying Leg stretches), Bharadvajasana (Sage Pose) in-between.

Arm Balance - Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upwards Bow or Crab), Purvottasana (East Stretch)- with a transitional Jathara Parivartasana (Revolved Belly) in-between.


Asana that don‘t fit into other categories, many Lateral. Focus on parts of the body, and skills often neglected. Develop Balance, co-ordination and rhythm. Build resourcefulness, tenacity and imagination

Thank You !

Love Jacqui