Water and Light, Lake KaribaBody of Light Yoga workshop with Jacqui (Aurolab Yoga Project)

Sunday 11th December 2005, 10am-1pm £20/£15

At Bodywise, 119 Roman Road, E2 0QN. To book telephone 020 8981 6938 or e-mail info@bodywisehealth.org

Release, relaxation and strengthening Asana postures all come from the core, the Fire within our system, the Hara or Mula Bandha. When we work from this place we develop inner awareness, connecting energy through our breath to reach outwards into all parts of our body. By developing this awareness we gain control and freedom to release many habits and patterns that get locked or blocked within. Contraction and stress tension moves from the external body into the centre core causing stiffness, physical, emotional and psychological pain. Relaxation releases it all from the centre core outwards. So let us release in a fun, energizing but deeply relaxing workshop!

We will cover varied Asana, Simple Inversions, Pranayama and The Meditative State. Suitable for all who have a basic regular practice. I look forward to seeing you there.