Sitting Twists

Jacqui in a sitting twist on a rock

Workshop with Jacqui

Sunday 25th June 10am-1pm

At Bodywise, 119 Roman Road, E2 0QN. To book telephone 020 8981 6938 or e-mail

In this gentle workshop we will take a closer look into the benefits of twisting postures in our practice. Cleansing, energizing and at the same time relaxing. How to breathe in sitting twists to gain the maximum benefits, and how to maintain our "centre" and alignment of axis in rotation. Twisting Asanas release toxins and stiffness in the body, as well as psychological tangles of the mind. They bring clear thinking and direction in life, helping us overcome struggles to make confident decisions. They also make you feel great!

It will be a relaxing workshop with time and space to reflect and share experiences. I hope you will use this opportunity to deepen your practice and that it will be a relaxing and enjoyable learning experience.

Suitable for everyone with a basic Yoga practice. Please contact me if you wish.