Sitting Twists workshop notes

Bodywise, 25 June 2006

Benefits of doing twists

Jacqui in a sitting twist on a rock

Awareness in asanas

Of course awareness is the key to Yoga, happiness and love of life. We can live a responsible and content life only if we bring awareness to everything we do, say and think. Regular Asana practice naturally teaches us how breath and movement unite in communicating with, and steadying the mind. It’s the tool to unveil our natural ability to stay focused on our whole being, to reach the meditative state of seeing inwards and outwards in the same moment.

I have included the following points therefore, not as a fragmented list of things to "do" or work on alternately, but as a little "check list" to make sure those of you who are not so experienced will not over tax or strain your spine, and confuse your sensitive mind in the process. In allowing the breath to flow evenly and consistently we give freedom and health to our body and minds. Jerky, strained or laboured breath within movement is tiring. We have to be especially aware of this whilst practicing twists. The body will quite rightly rebel against forceful movement to protect itself. We must remember that our bodies already know these ancient Yoga movements, we are not teaching the body something new but liberating it. Give time for body, mind and breath to work together in each posture. Please feel free to ask questions and to share any experiences your investigations bring up. I personally find it very helpful and fulfilling to share.


N.B Twisting postures should preferably be done after forward bends so I’ve given many of the twists to a forward bend friend I thought would enhance them. Enjoy!

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 11.42 on contentment