Summer workshop with Jacquihandbalance Haggerston Park

Sunday 25th July

10am –1pm £24 / £18

In this workshop we will move through the body releasing, balancing, energizing and nourishing with Prana breath. Working together and independently, freeing our muscles, joints, energy and heart.
We will balance movement and stillness, twist, stand, sit, bend backwards forwards and sideways. In other words prepare for a full practice with special focus on the Vital Principles.
All welcome. If you are a total beginner or have any concerns then please contact me through my webpage below. Please try and book in advance to help me prepare appropriately

This will be  my last workshop for this Yoga Year before I break for August to refuel, reflect, and re-inspire for the new term starting September. Thank you all who come and share you time and energy in classes and workshops, helping lead me further down the wonderful path of Yoga.        

If you are interested in a Yoga break in Suffolk please contact me.

 forward bend Haggerston park

Looking forward to seeing you
Love Jacqui