Workshop(s) with Jacqui

Sunday 19th September

10am-1pm  & 2-4pm

£24/£18am  £16/£12 pm or £34/£25 for both

Warrior strengthening the lower limbs and Upward energy
In the morning workshop we will take a closer look at the structure, alignment and soft yet powerful energy of the standing postures. Virabhadrasana, Trikonasana, Tadasana. Working with a partner, in small groups and the group as a whole, observing, helping each other understand and feel the posture so that out inner eye may see clearly in self-practice.
In the afternoon workshop we will move into a soft afternoon/evening practice of Sirsasana (for those of you who want to, or alternatives for those who don't), Sarvangasana and prone postures. Releasing, focus on breath and open heart.
Please book in advance to help me prepare. I look forward to sharing wTom diving Ibiza summer '10ith you in one or hopefully both workshops

Love Jacqui X

                                                                          Tom diving Ibiza summer '10